Robotex Japan

Robotex Japan Corporate Website

Design and Development | Robotex International

React, Gatsby, GraphQL, Storybook, Netlify CMS, Styled-components, Illustrator

Visual Artist's Portfolio Website

Design and Development | Naotatsu Kaku

React, Gatsby, Netlify CMS, Anime.js, SVG Animation

Postcard, The light of Tokyo

The Light of Tokyo

Postcard Design | Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo

Graphic design, Won the "Tokyo Postcard Award"

Messenger Bag, Manhattan Portage

Manhattan Portage Art Collection

Messenger Bag Design | Manhattan Portage

Graphic design, Manhattan Portage Art Award 2019

Satte City Logo Design

Satte City Logo

Logo Design for a Local Government | Satte City, Japan

Logo, Branding, Public sector

Logo design for indoor faming system

Indoor Farming System Logo Design

Product Logo Design | Kyoritsu Lighting Systems

Logo Design, Branding

Soreike San Francisco Tee

Soreike San Francisco Tee

T-shirt Design | Nice neighbors

Japanese, Typography, T-shirt



Soba (buckwheat noodle) Restaurant Exploring App

React, Redux, Foursquare API, Google Maps API, FLIP Animation, SCSS, Styled-components

Flashcard App, GER/ENG/JP


Flashcard for EN/JP/GER words

React, Firebase, styled-components

Pomodoro Timer with Cat Face

Pomodoro Timer

Productivity app with cat face

React, Redux, Sass