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Robotex Japan Corporate Website

Global robotics education network originated in Estonia

Gatsby, React, GraphQL, Storybook, Netlify CMS, Styled-components

Robotex International is a global robotics education network, focusing on robotics (including AI and Drones) education and startup training. Established back in 2001, Robotex has expanded the network to over 18 countries. In October 2019, Robotex Japan will hold first big conference in Kyoto. Continuing to grow its presence in Japanese education scene.
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Robotex Japan's website top page.
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Content are created by the editors through Netlify CMS.
Robotex Japan - 01
Set up UI component development environment and design guideline with Storybook, helping other developers to have consistency and efficiency
Robotex Japan - 04
Storybook made easy to develop a component or a set of components in the independent environment. Resulting in resilient and reusable components.
Robotex Japan - 02
Prototyping website mockup, graphic and brand visual identity.
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Designed and illustrated the brand visual identity.